Published: 30th May 2010
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Health awareness means being awake of how your body looks and feel and what is normal for you and to notice any change in your body. Any change or symptoms you get are nearly constantly caused by something much less serious and some just disappeared but if changes or symptoms remain more than two weeks and do net get improved, visit your physician as soon as possible.

 The Health of a people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their power as a state depend. (Benjamin Disraeli)

 Laughter helps us stay healthier.

 Health like live or pleasure is a superiority of life.

 Without our Health we have zero.

 Health is the universal situation of the person in all aspects of life.

Most people generally feel that healthiness is as the absence of illness. It is correct that not feeling unwell is one important factor of health. People lives and health are affecting by every phase of life, environment, influence such as typical weather, availability of nutrition's, food, comfortable shelter, fresh air for take breaths and clean water to drink and other people include family, lovers, employers, co-workers and associates of various kinds.

Today the leading cause of illness and death in the industrialized world is not due to infection but to "lifestyle diseases". You don't catch these diseases that destroy 96% of us from a gate entrance or a restroom. You cause these diseases by what you eat /or what you don't place in your mouth. Thought that life style is a main reason of disease. Unhealthy lifestyle continues to cause health problem.

While a someone dies the cause of death is usually identified in term of organ systems that fail and resulted in the person's death for example saying somebody died of lung cancer does not inform us the real cause of death was smoking. When death is examined for their real; causes and not simply what is reported on the death certificate.

It shows that the the majority of death are due to life style factor and by extension., that many many deaths could be prevented if people live more healthfully.

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